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The Heavy Sound Festival was a heavy metal/hard rock festival back in the '80s. The first edition took place in Bruges (Belgium), 1983. 2nd & 3rd moved to Poperinge ('84-'85)

Bands 1st edition:
Ostrogoth, Killer, Golden Earring, Viva, Baron Rojo, Warning, Uriah heep, Gary Moore,...

Bands 2nd edition:
Motorhead, Twisted Sister, Metallica, H-bomb, Faithful breath, Merciful Fate, Lita Ford

Bands 3rd edition:
Pretty Maids, Slayer, UFO, Lee Aaron, Tokyo Blade, Warlock, Crossfire,...

The festival was all about giving new upcoming bands the chance to be heard and some of them made it pretty far!

In 1985 there were some complains about vandalism, never knew if this was true or just a rumor. Anyhow the organizers thought it was better to just leave it as it was and stopped organizing the event.

30Years later the festival is officially back!!